Five to Try: Rio 2016 keeps you immersed in the Olympics, Mobius: Final Fantasy arrives

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Aug 2016

If your plans for the weekend revolve around a couch, the TV, as much Olympics coverage as your eyes can hle, then you’re in luck: the official Rio 2016 app is here to help guide your days ahead. And the rest of the apps can also be enjoyed amidst that comfy cocoon of air-conditioned bliss… or anywhere else, really. 

Mobius: Final Fantasy is Square Enix’s latest attempt to transform the role-playing epic into a free-to-play grind, while ’s Verne: The Himalayas turns Maps into an educational journey. so new this week is the non-beta release of Apple Music, along with the thrilling space escapes of l is st. Fire up the ay Store grab a few new apps, no matter what your weekend plans are.

Rio 2016

fivetotry aug5 rio2016

Rio 2016 is the official Olympics resource app, complete with adorable mascot in tow.

A hful of soccer matches archery events are already in the books, but tonight’s lavish opening ceremony marks the official start of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. And if you plan on following the massive, international competition over the next couple weeks, you’ll probably want an app plastered on your home screen. ll, here’s Rio 2016.

The official app, which is backed by Samsung but not limited to its devices, has all the Olympics info you need, including results, news, medal counts, information on each sport, the players, venues. It’s a pretty straightforward app, really, but it’ll get you all the info you need pretty easily— if you’re down in Rio de neiro to scope out the action for yourself, the app has local info to enhance your stay.

Mobius: Final Fantasy

fivetotry aug5 mobiusfinalfantasy

Mobius looks really nice at a glance, although everything’s pretty fuzzy up close.

Mobius is quite seriously the third different Final Fantasy game to hit the ay Store over the last few weeks, they’re all totally distinct. Final Fantasy VII is a premium port of a ayStation classic, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is a new game inspired by the 16-bit era, now Mobius: Final Fantasy is a combat-centric, free-to-play game that serves up the series spirit in a different form.

You’ll find turn-based combat, fantasy spells, even the familiar job system, although here the game simply routes you from battle to battle as you amass a deck of item magic cards. Mobius doesn’t really play like a classic Final Fantasy, but it has the look of the more modern entries ( the convoluted storytelling), plus there are enough throwback references to appease the die-hards. ’ll see if that’s enough to hook longtime fans.

Verne: The Himalayas

fivetotry aug5 verne

’s digital mountain range is yours to explore in Verne: The Himalayas.

It’s super cool to see some of the ways that has used its immense mapping power to deliver experiences for people who don’t need to leave the home. Treks are one result, showcasing amazing places around the world, now Verne: The Himalayas is another way that is leveraging its Maps platform to spotlight somewhere amazing.

Here, Verne takes the form of a kid-friendly app that lets you freely explore the 3D mountain range using a couple of digital control sticks. As you scale the cliffs, you’ll encounter narration bubbles have the opportunity to soar on a hang-glider, for example, or sled down a hill. It’s just a breezy fun way to learn about a new place, the cartoonish yeti character easy controls make it a good pick for the family.

Apple Music

fivetotry aug5 applemusic

Apple Music added videos an equalizer— ditched the beta bring.

Nine months after first hitting the ay Store, Apple has finally decided to pull the beta tag off of Apple Music call it a full release. The subscription service, which might seem a bit out of place on an Android phone, matches up well to Spotify on a lot of key features, save for maybe the biggest: it doesn’t have a free, ad-supported membership option. Still, there’s a 90-day free trial available to new subscribers.

If you haven’t given it a look since the initial beta beginning, Apple Music has since added the missing music videos now has equalizer settings, to boot. You’ll find millions of songs, of course, including an increasingly sizable stack of exclusives the Beats 1 live radio station. Apple Music is about to get a major overhaul in iOS 10, but it’s unclear whether that will extend to Android as well. In the meantime, however, anyone scared off by Apple Music’s beta tag needn’t stay away now.

l is st

fivetotry aug5 allislost

Can you get everyone out safely through these intense obstacle courses?

l is st ($1) may not have the most upbeat title around, but it’s pretty entertaining all the same. This side-scrolling runner hails from the makers of Block Fortress Heroes & s, finds you in charge of guiding a series of crew members out of a doomed spaceship. Doing so requires an array of jumps, slides, swipes to interact with the environment, you’ll need to be speedy precise to get everyone out.

That’s not an easy task, of course, as the combinations of moves can throw you off, you only have so many attempts for each crew member before they’re lost forever. l is st puts a clever twist on the usual format for these games, while it may not have a ton of bells whistles, the core experience is plenty fun.