10 times you secretly wished you had an iPhone

You’re totally on Team Android, until your mom wants to FaceTime.

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You love your Android phone, and I don’t blame you. Android is better than iOS, and Android devices are better than iPhones.

But your love of Android isn’t completely blind. There have been times, on occasion, when you’ve looked over at your iOS-loving buddy wielding a giant new iPhone 6s Plus, and you’ve thought to yourself, I wish I had an iPhone. And I’m not talking about falling prey to the crazy hype that surrounds Apple’s every launch. I’m talking about these times:

Whenever a free phone case is involved

Free phone case promotion? It’s almost certainly an iPhone case!

When you (briefly) pined after the Apple Watch

But then you checked out the price and you quickly came to your senses.

When your mom wants to FaceTime

But she can’t figure out how to use Skype or Tango video chat. Because the FaceTime app is already installed on her iPhone, obviously.

When your phone is running out of juice

…And your friends only have lightning cables.

When you’re trying to text people in another country

Come on, guys, please download Line or Whatsapp! We don’t all have iMessage!

When a cool app comes out

The app-gap is smaller, now, sure, but it’s still there. The cool apps and updates always seem to hit iOS just a few weeks before they hit Android.

When you’re using a Mac

The whole cross-platform texting thing is actually kind of cool.

When you accidentally sideload a spammy app

Apple’s obnoxiously locked-down App Store would have never let this happen!

When you’re trying to quickly unlock your phone

There’s nothing quite as lightning-fast as the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

When your screen is broken

Apple charges $149 to fix an iPhone 6s Plus screen, $129 to fix an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 Plus screen, and $109 to fix an iPhone 6 screen. That’s darn cheap, considering repairing the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is reportedly ‘impossible’ and will therefore probably cost you at least $250 to replace.

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