10 Things You Would Rather Give Up Than Your Phone

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 May 2016

Quick! What would you pick if you had to give up sex for a year or your phone for a year? You kept your phone, didn’t you? Don’t worry; you’re definitely not alone! According to a survey by The Boston Consulting Group, one-third of Americans would pick smartphones over sex and other things. Whether that’s because we love our phones or we hate sex is up for debate. Here are 10 things this survey and other studies have found people would do without. If it meant they could keep their smartphone in their pocket.

Sex with Your Significant Other

Would you miss seeing your spouse between video calls, sexting, and Snapchat?

Vacation Time

What is a vacation, if not an opportunity, to post pool pics and hot dog legs to Instagram?

A Car

You’re completely incapable of navigating the city streets you grew up in without your phone’s turn-by-turn directions.

A Bed

Beds make sleep more comfortable. But these days, we feel most comfortable at night if we have a phone.


Smartphones and alcohol don’t usually mix well. If you have to choose one, it would be your smartphone. (https://fujifilm-x.com/) Without your phone, you’re drinking alone. And drinking alone means you have a problem!!


You probably think you need a shot of espresso to even get out of bed in the morning. Also if you had a shot of Facebook or Twitter. And the work emails you inexplicably received during the night.

Face to Face Human Contact

When’s the last time you hung out with a friend, not a coworker! face-to-face? Do you even know how to hang out with people in person anymore?

Dining Out

I’m pretty sure 100 percent of dining out these days is just taking pictures of your food.

One of Your Days Off Each Week

Would you give up Saturdays for your phone? Yeah, you would if it meant you could work from home; on your phone.


A recent study shows that cheese has the same addictive element as hard drugs. And you know what’s more addictive than heroin? Your phone.