10 smartphone gimmicks we totally fell for

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 8 Apr 2016

Some smartphone features are ridiculous, full stop. But others…sounded absurd at first, until we tried them, liked them. A lot.

Back in 2010, you probably thought the idea of a phablet was total nonsense (I know I did). But these days, you can’t live without your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 its beautifully roomy 5.7-inch screen. A few years ago, you probably thought your black Samsung Galaxy S4 was a beautiful representation of modern technology. But you totally ditched it the second Samsung announced a gold version of the S4, which arrived on the scene two days before Apple’s sexy gold(ish) ione 5s.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are 10 smartphone gimmicks ( yes, they’re totally gimmicks) that we all fell for.

Tiny screens

Tiny screens make mobile phones, well, mobile. But we may have overdone it at one point.

Huge screens

ablets: Blurring the line between phones tablets since 2010.

3D Touch

Because, you know, a simple long-press wouldn’t be able to do the exact same thing as “3D Touch.” 

Curved screens

Real phones have curves!

Or white, or black, or any color that your current phone isn’t. You didn’t even know you wanted a gold phone until there was a gold phone.

Bezel-less designs

Bezel-less phones look super cool futuristic, but…the bezel is actually an important structural part. us, being able to hold your phone without accidentally swiping the screen is pretty hy.


etty much all we ever do is laugh about how terrible autocorrect is. Yet most of us still use it.

Ultra-skinny smartphones

Thin is in: until they start bending in our pockets.


ones that can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes? Okay, this is actually brilliant.


at’s that? A $300+ smartphone accessory that does the same thing as my smartphone—when it’s connected to my smartphone—but I can wear it on my wrist? Sign me up!