simplifies VR content embeds with new VR view tool

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 31 Mar 2016

If you’ve ever slapped on a Gear VR or a Cardboard viewer, you may have seen how much virtual reality is a completely different experience than the one provided by flat glass.

wants virtual reality to be far more than just a neat trick performed by your Android phone: the company took to the Developers Blog to announce a new VR View tool that eases the process of embedding VR content into a website.

As an example, a 360-degree image on the site can be manipulated to offer you a full perspective from the underwater scene.

google vr embed Developers

has open sourced the HTM vaScript for developers on github so they can get started on such experiences right away.

also announced a Cardboard SDK for iOS, which is a logical move given that an ione can easily fit inside of a Cardboard viewer. 

y this matters: VR View can offer an introduction to a full virtual reality experience. By crafting a solution for developers to build this into their sites, gets more exposure for its VR capabilities. And the more people experience this type of perspective, it may drum up interest for exploring VR themselves, particularly with new devices like the Galaxy S7 or S7 ge.