to cut off support for physical llet card on ne 30

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 1 Apr 2016

Updated 4/1/16: announced in an email it’s discontinuing the llet card effective ne 30th, “to focus on making it easier than ever to send receive money with the llet app.”

It’s time to bid farewell to the llet card.

ed, if you have one it’s probably in a desk drawer next to a non-working mia phone Nexus ayer remote. But after an initial A Teardown of the latest version of llet dropped this hint, recently confirmed the move. 

The change makes sense, as ’s mobile payment solution has shifted to Android y. llet has been re-purposed as an app to send money to individuals, along the lines of Venmo or yl. 

The story behind the story: The llet card was always a weird beast. llet was the first major platform to allow you to pay with your phone, but support was so lackluster among retailers that released a physical card. But that kind of defeated the purpose of going with llet in the first place, as you had to go back to paying with a physical card. Once Apple y came along, the concept was popular enough for to retool its own service with Android y. And don’t forget Samsung y, because now everybody has to have a service with “y” in the name.