otos enables non-destructive edits in latest update

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 29 Mar 2016

otos is a fantastic app, but until now it’s been lacking one key feature: non-destructive edits. 

thout this, otos would keep the original a new version of the picture every time you saved an edit. This would create a scattered collection of edited images that you probably didn’t want to hold onto. 

Now when you make an edit, otos will only show the most updated image. However, you’re able to revert to the previous photo at anytime. The otos team describes the process as, “fully reversible non-destructive.”

google photos edits

otos will now save all your edits so you can revert to a previous version of an image.

But as usually happens, upcoming features can be uncovered by digging into the code. Android lice found a tool to help you rotate images more easily, the possibility of a storage promotion for Motorola owners. This didn’t trigger anything for me when I loaded it up on a Droid Turbo 2, but it may be a few versions away.

The new features are found in otos version 1.17, which is rolling out to the ay Store available now in A Mirror

The impact on you: otos isn’t a full-blown editing service like Adobe ghtroom or ’s own Snapseed, but it can make minor edits if you just want to tweak the lighting, color, or other details of an image. There have been a lot of updates lately to otos, which shows that the company has a pretty high priority on making this a first-rate service.