Sheets, Slides for Android updated to support more file formats

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 25 Mar 2016

Some updates that seem small can turn out to be a big deal. There’s some of that to be found here with a couple of new features in Sheets Slides on Android.

Both apps now support a much larger list of file extensions, which can significantly ease your life if a client or colleague wants that spreadsheet as a .csv file or would prefer you send over the slideshow as a .jpg.

The following screenshots reveal that you can save a Slide or Sheet in one of several new formats thanks to the update.

google app updates Android lice

There’s a more extensive list of file support to be found in the latest build of Sheets Slides.

Slides has another new trick: now when you start a new slideshow, you can touch the Overflow button the title that you already entered on the first slide will autosuggest the name. That’s a nice time saver that will also prevent you from having a long list of files that lack a title.

presentation naming

Your title slide will automatically show up in the rename presentation tool so you don’t have to re-type it again.

You can wait for the updates to roll out from the ay Store (Slides, Sheets) or get them now from A Mirror (Slides, Sheets). 

The impact on you: These new features will be helpful if you import or export a lot of files from ’s Sheets or Slides. Even if that’s not the case, they’re nice to have anyway should you need to collaborate with others who have different file preferences than yourself.