Casio Smart Outdoor tch, new Fossil Q Founder models pop up in the Store

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 25 Mar 2016

If you want a smartwatch that can withst the rugged outdoors, then Casio may have just the option for you. 

The Casio Smart Outdoor tch just appeared on the Store alongside a couple of new models for the existing Fossil Q Founder.  

Casio’s option is water resistant includes “military-grade endurance,” which means it can hle drops, shocks, vibrations, other mishaps during your adventures. en Casio announced the watch, the company said the price would be $500 include choices of black, green, orange, red. 

Casio also says it can go a month on a charge, thanks to both a monochrome D color D screen. 

Fossil is another traditional watch maker that’s jumped into the Android ar game with its Q Founder. You have more options now, as you can get the watch in black with rose gold for $295 or a two-tone option with shades of black a metal b for $315. 

These join the existing choices of brown leather stainless steel options that are priced at $275 $295.

The tch Urbane is no longer for sale on the Store, which is probably part of a strategy to put the latest greatest watches out front. found it to be rather large gaudy, so you’re better off with a sleeker option anyway.

The impact on you: Android ar has come a long way, with both traditional watch makers tech companies angling to put a smartwatch on your wrist. The Store is a good place to check out the options, though you may want to explore one from a brick–mortar store if you want to find out what this whole putting a computer on your wrist thing is about.