+ 7.5 update gets transparent about failed posts squashes a colony of bugs

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 24 Mar 2016

The + factory has been very busy of late, with numerous tweaks to improve the Android app’s speed performance.

Update 7.5 focuses on a batch of bug fixes a helpful tool to remind you should a post fail to go live. You can touch the notification try to send it off again if something goes awry, where before it would just be lost to the abyss. r ke oblewski detailed many of changes in a + post.

google plus update Android lice

You have more visibility of failed posts, with a quick option to try sending it again.

He offered a very clear changelog of everything new:

  • 34 bugs fixed
  • 12 accessibility issues addressed
  • Fixed crashing issues on Android M & devices
  • Ability to retry sending failed posts
  • Further improvements to b page loading speeds

That final change is a continuation of work begun in version 7.3 which sped up b page load times by using Chrome custom tabs: 

You can wait for the update to roll out through the ay Store or grab it now from A Mirror.

The impact on you: recently revamped its social network to focus on communities around shared topics. It’s actually very useful if you want to engage with others over a common interest form a discussion group. ile has backed off of trying to take over its whole product suite with +, the company clearly thinks that it still has a role to play.