Android Wear App Now Reminds You to Let It Run in the Background

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 23 Mar 2016

Android’s Doze mode, launched in Android Marshmallow, can do wonders for your battery life. But it’s not ideal for everything. Android wear, for example, relies on several background processes. To update you with important alerts for travel, details from Now, and other timely information. So with the latest update to the Android Wear app. You’ll now see a prompt to keep Android Wear away from Doze optimizations.
watch 1
Android Wear will now prompt you to ignore Doze’s battery optimizations.

While you’ll use a little more battery, subjecting Wear to Doze would defeat the purpose of an always-connected smartwatch. If, by chance, your phone had started optimizing Wear for lighter battery use, you’ll now turn it off. Some other items were tucked in, such as support for Casio’s upcoming Smart Outdoor Watch D-F10 and a prompt to follow Android wear on Twitter. You can grab the latest update from APK Mirror or wait for the new version to roll out in the Play Store.

The impact on you: Next time you fire up the Android wear app after the update, pay attention to the pop-up notifications. Some more user awareness should have been in the app earlier. But doze mode must refrain from interfering with the connection to your watch.