Spruce up albums in otos with captions, maps, detailed locations

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 23 Mar 2016

otos is built to be the hub for all your pictures, which so often come from vacations other travel opportunities.

That usually produces a lot of pictures video, as the convenience of your smartphone means you’re likely to snap record with reckless abon. Some new features in otos tries to further organize some of these collections.

The latest feature is designed to add some more personalization to those curated collections, as you can write in captions add a map that retraces the journey in more detail. The changes generally match up with some hints in the code uncovered earlier during an Android app update. 

The changes are a server side switch, which means you don’t need an update from the ay Store. ile I haven’t been able to trigger such changes in the Android app yet, they do show up in the desktop version on the web. Such a massive rollout usually takes a little time, so if you don’t see anything yet just hang tight. 

The impact on you: The major claim to fame behind otos is that it will automatically organize your images make them searchable, killing off the need to drag drop thouss of photos into individual folders. This means relying on ’s machine learning image recognition capabilities, which are pretty great, but always run the risk of creeping you out. In practice I’ve found otos a helpful companion, so the new tools are definitely worth exploring.