New Google Docs Outline Tool Speeds Up Document Navigation

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 10 Mar 2016

Working on a lengthy Doc can get cumbersome when you want to find the right section. Google thinks it has the fix for this with a new document outline tool rolled out to the Android and web versions of Docs. On Android, you can scroll through the different sections of your file with a semi-circle-shaped scrolling tool. You can scroll through the documents’ various areas with the Docs Android app. The outline works similarly on the web with extra screen real estate. You can get an overview of how you divided up the parts of your document with subheadings.
A new toolbar shows you the key sections of your file when editing on Docs for the web.

The Android changes are available now on A Mirror, or you can wait for the update to roll out in the Play Store.

The impact on you:- This catches up Docs with Word. Which has long had an outlining tool to move to a different section of your document. The new feature will be welcome for students or others who need to slog through a lengthy document.