How To Add A Website To Your Android Home Screen With Chrome

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 7 Mar 2016

If you visit a website several times a day, there’s no reason to take the slow lane to get there.
You can add a button to your home screen that looks like an app icon. It will launch that webpage directly in Chrome. First, navigate to the site you want quick access to, like GreenBot.
Then touch the overflow button with three vertical dots and select Add to Home Screen.
A few steps will allow you to add a website to your home screen.

It would help if you touched Add to the site, which will join your other apps and widgets.

One recommendation. You can customize the text below the icon. Touch the text inside the Add to Home Screen box, and change it.

                                                                                       Voila! Launched or add another site, if you must anytime you want.

In this example, I removed the site description to appear with the icon. At the same time, this type of functionality goes back to the days of the original iPhone. It’s still useful for quick access to a site you visit regularly.