Report: HTC 10 flagship drops the ‘One’ name, gains B Type-C

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 4 Mar 2016

The next HTC phone may blend familiar design with an eye toward future technology. The latest round of leaks from the @Onaks twitter account, which has a pretty good track record. It offers us a fairly good glimpse of what may be called the HTC 10, with the company opting to drop the ‘One’ name.

The tweet was replied to by the often-accurate Blass (@evleaks) with the glamour shot you see above. The overall aesthetic keeps a lot in common with previous HTC One phones, with a metal-style build a slightly rounded back. There’s a striking large chamfer around the back edge that gives it a distinct look. It looks as if HTC is going with dedicated software buttons a fingerprint reader at the bottom. At least unlike Galaxy phones, they’re on the correct sides (Samsung famously flips the Recents Back buttons).

HTC is also angling toward the future with B Type-C, something that Samsung opted out of in its latest phones. As previous leaks indicated, the phone will have a Quad HD display 12Mcamera, which could include the same Sony sensor as the Nexus 6 

y this matters: HTC’s One A9 felt like a stopgap model, designed to get another phone out there that would sell some units reverse the company’s poor fortunes. But it wasn’t a true flagship in the way the One series had been in the past. Not long ago that the One M8 was our favorite phone of the year, in the interest of competition it would surely give buyers some more choices if the HTC 10 turns out to be great.