Gmail 5.10 update fixes Hotmail sync issue, other bugs

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 22 Jan 2016

The Gmail app had gone rogue for some that used it to manage their Hotmail account. According to a support page that issue is finally fixed with version 5.10, which also squashes other miscellaneous bugs. It’s unclear if this was also a problem for those using Gmail with their address (the replacement for Hotmail) but it’s worth trying out if you’ve experienced any weirdness.

The bigger problem, however, is there are some Nexus owners who are still seeing problems getting their Gmail account to sync. A r took to the forum Thursday said the issue is “actively being worked on.” In the meantime, you may have to look for another solution like syncing your Gmail with a third-party email app.

If you want the latest version of Gmail, grab the update from the ay Store or A Mirror.

y this matters: Nothing is more frustrating than when email or other core data won’t sync properly to your phone. If you’re stuck in this boat, a potential workaround could be to try another email app, such as Outlook or CloudMagic, both of which work with Gmail. It’s quite frustrating that a phone sold by running stock Android would have this problem with the company’s own email service, so hopefully a fix comes for you soon.