10 texting habits you need to break

By the time you figure texting out, texting will be obsolete.

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It seems like texting isn’t even very popular these days—it’s been replaced by Line and whatsapp and Snapchat and Peach…I think. I’m not young and hip anymore.

But texting has been around for more than 20 years, guys, so it’s amazing to me that when I do get a text, some people are still just so bad at it. Let me repeat that: Texting is over 20 years old. That’s older than most of the kids on Snapchat!

In honor of texting being the oldest of the cool forms of communication, here are 10 texting habits you still have that should have been broken about 18 years ago.

Using a signature

The quickest way to show everyone you text that you are old, out of touch, and have no idea what texting even is? Add a signature to your texts!

Over-relying on autocorrect

We know that’s not what you meant to say. All autocorrect ever does is incorrectly correct you. So why are you still using it?

Never using autocorrect (when you’re a bad typist)

For most people, autocorrect is just a liability. But for some people…let’s just say I’d rather get a semi-comprehensible, badly-translated autocorrect message than “ao;wiryfhn77 gntbg2r uui?”

Not following the 3:1 rule

The 3:1 rule helps you keep your over-texting in check: Don’t send more than three messages for every single message received. And this doesn’t just apply to people you’re trying to woo—your friends think you’re desperate, too.

Rapid-fire texting

Unlimited texting plans are the norm these days, but that doesn’t mean you should abuse your newfound freedom.















It’s super embarrassing to get 65 notifications when you’re in a meeting with your boss.

Laughing all the time

It’s okay to laugh in a text message. Once. Maybe twice, if the person you’re texting is cracking jokes left and right. But if you’re the person who begins and ends every sentence with “LOL” and “haha,” you need to stop it right now.

Texting like a tween

OMG, plz stop txtn lyk diz kkk???

Being a grammar nazi

Grammar is important in a lot of everyday situations. Texting is not one of those situations. Yes, I know “u” is not a word, but I’m pretty sure my message is still decipherable. Stop nitpicking.

Calling people who text you

One of the main reasons I text people is because I don’t want to talk to them on the phone. Unless I text you, “hey, can you call me right now,” guess what I probably do not want you to do? Call me right now.

Also bad: Texting people to let you know you just called them. Not to inform them of what you were going to say in your call, but just to let them know you called. That’s all.

Texting photos of your junk

Do not ever do this. Not ever. Ever. It will always, 100 percent of the time, backfire.

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