n a free Chromecast or ay Store credit with Android y’s Tap 10 loyalty program

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 15 Jan 2016

o doesn’t love receiving free things every once in a while? Now you can get even more free stuff with Android y’s loyalty program, called Tap 10. The program offers up free ay content just for using Android y, or even a free Chromecast if you can manage 10 mobile payments before the end of February.

tap10 pson

I’m still waiting for my prompt, but here’s what user pson saw when he launched Android y.

There are a few rules to playing this game, like the fact that you have to make your purchases at least five minutes apart from one another for them to qualify. so, only the first 10 purchases qualify you for this promotion, once you’ve received your goodies you’re set until the next promotional period. You can view the entire list of terms conditions for Tap 10 here.

y this matters: Free stuff is, obviously, awesome, but there’s more to it than that. ’s desperately trying to make Android y take off. It’s marketing it everywhere: Inside taxi cabs in s Vegas, on billboards in major metropolitan areas, by offering its users incentives to launch the app at retailers they visit daily. is also no stranger to offering free things: You can already procure ay credit with its Opinion Rewards app, now you can rack up even more with Tap 10.

Android y’s Tap 10 program is slowly rolling out now. You’ll know you’re eligible when you see a welcome screen for the contest after launching the app. I’m not part of the program yet, though I’m anxiously awaiting for Android y to offer me free things.