ay Services 8.4 gives developers more detailed sharing features, game optimization tools

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 21 Dec 2015

has one final gift to Android developers before the end of the year:  ay Services 8.4, which has several new tricks that might make you hang around keep playing that game you’ve been grinding away on a little bit longer. As always, you can get the rundown in another wacky video from Developer Advocate Magnus Hyttsten.

The impact on you: Many of the newest features for Android come not through Android updates, but ay Services. This bypasses Android’s fragmentation, which prohibits most users from getting the latest version of the operating system. Marshmallow, for example, sts at just 0.5 percent, according to the latest Android distribution numbers.

Features galore

th this new update, developers can now specify more content to be shared from their app. As an example, if a developer has a cooking app, they can customize the sharing feature so you can include the entire contents of a recipe through an email. Such information then might lead the recipient to install the app for themselves.

Another set of As may entice you to keep playing that latest game a little longer. Developers now get a churn prediction tool to try pin down when you’re likely to leave, based on a large collection of player statistics. They can then build in more experiences at the likely churn points to get more players to hang around a while longer.

Additionally, the Maps A now lets you tap zoom into an area that’s specifically defined by the developer. As an example, this could help you focus in on a particular neighborhood ignore any extraneous details on the map. Additionally, a Fused cation ovider now talks to more cell towers has smarter -Fi detection, which should better pin down your location.