Inbox adds trip sharing feature, quicker process for multiple photo attachments

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 14 Dec 2015

Inbox has a couple of new features targeted directly at your holiday needs: organizing travel details sharing pictures.

ke it or not, you may be heading out to see the relatives soon. Inbox has a great trip bundle feature that compiles the details of your itinerary with flight hotel information. Now you’ll be able to share that package with others so they can keep tabs on your journey.

inbox trip sharing

The new Inbox update makes it easy to share flight hotel details.

The Trips category is also available offline so you can check this out on the plane if there isn’t any -Fi.

To answer what was likely a popular request, you can now attach multiple photos scroll through the most recent pics to quickly choose what you want to send along.

picture sharing inbox Official Gmail Blog

You can finally add a group of pictures at once with Inbox.

The updates are found in the latest version of Inbox by Gmail. If you don’t want to wait for the rollout, grab it now from A Mirror.

The impact on you: Now that Mailbox is going away, Inbox is your best bet if you want an app that lets you snooze message put other machine learning smarts to work on your email. has put a lot of resources into making Inbox the shining star of its email platform, so check it out if you use Gmail but might want some assistance in organizing the flood of messages.