10 ways your smartphone has already replaced your laptop

Your laptop is pretty much just dead weight these days.

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For the past few years, people have been discussing whether the PC is really dead. While many argue that there will always be a place for a bigger screen, a more powerful processer, and a physical keyboard…there’s no denying that people spend a ton of time on their smartphones.

You might think that your laptop is your pride and joy—and that your smartphone could never, ever replace it—but is that really true? Let’s take a look at 10 of the ways your smartphone has already replaced your laptop as your go-to Internet/email/work/everything device.

It has a giant screen

As laptop screens get smaller (hello, Ultrabook-craze), smartphone screens are getting bigger. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a 5.7-inch screen, which is practically laptop-sized (okay, it’s still one fourth the size of the Macbook Air’s 11.6-inch screen), in my opinion.  

It has 128GB of storage

Don’t worry, I’m not going to pull one of those “the first PC had 2 bytes of memory” tropes on you—but your smartphone does have a lot of storage space, even compared to modern laptops. Plenty of entry-level Ultrabooks have 128GB SSDs. Why bother with a laptop when you can store everything on your phone? (And if not on your phone, in the cloud?)

Windows 10 is a ‘universal’ operating system

Windows 10 is a ‘universal’ operating system, which means it’s designed to look the same across all devices, including smartphones and tablets. You might think this doesn’t affect you, as an Android user, but it does…if you happen to use Windows on your PC. After all, Microsoft isn’t just replicating the Windows desktop experience on its smartphones—it’s replicating the smartphone experience on its desktops. If your PC’s operating system is just a glorified smartphone OS, why bother switching back and forth?

It can connect to a Bluetooth keyboard

The lack-of-a-physical-keyboard argument is probably the best argument as to why smartphones can’t really replace laptops. But there are plenty of Bluetooth keyboards that work with smartphones—including a lot of full-sized keyboards—so that’s actually a terrible argument.

It’s got a touchscreen!

The cool new thing for laptops to have these days is touchscreens. Well, guess what? Your smartphone already has a touchscreen.

All the cool games are mobile

And the cool games that aren’t mobile are huge time-sucks, anyway. Do you really need to spend 300 hours playing Fallout 4? Your phone is doing you a favor by keeping you on track with just a few (hundred) rounds of Wordament.

It’s always connected

You know the drill—pull out your laptop, immediately start searching for free Wi-Fi. Your smartphone, on the other hand, is always connected to the Internet. Sure, there’s a data limit (unless you’re one of the lucky/stubborn ones), but better to have a data limit than no Internet at all.

It’s expensive

Now that nobody offers subsidized phones with 2-year-contracts anymore, you have to pay the full price for your fancy smartphone. Yeah—the full $650+ price. That’s as much as a laptop! Who can afford two $650 portable devices that both connect to the Internet, check email, and play crappy mobile games?

It fits in your bag

The first time I bought an 11-inch Macbook Air, I bought it for one main reason: It fit perfectly into my purse. But your smartphone fits into (almost) every purse! Would you rather lug around a smartphone and laptop, or just a smartphone? You can’t ditch the smartphone, but you can ditch the laptop…

It’s with you all the time

You know what they say—the best X is the X you have with you. You may not think that your smartphone has replaced your laptop, but when you need to fire off a quick email or check Google to prove you’re right in an argument, do you pull out your laptop? I don’t think so.

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