11 Signs Your Phone Is Too Big

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 11 Sep 2015

The first portable cell phones were hardly portable. So it makes perfect sense that we wanted to see how tiny we could make them.
But after we managed to make our phones itsy-bitsy, the only place to go was up and indeed more significant. And now our phones are getting so big that they may as well be tablets. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. But that doesn’t mean it’s not occasionally inconvenient.
Here are 11 problems giant phone owners know all too well:-

You Can’t Use It With One Hand

You can still hold it in one hand for now. The days of texting with a single thumb are long past.

Making Phone Calls Is Exhausting

Contrary to popular belief. You don’t use a headset to make phone calls because your giant phone looks good. But ridiculous when you hold it up to your face. You use a headset to make phone calls. As your arm gets super tired while you hold your giant phone.

The Screen Has Been Replaced At Least Once

Big glass screens aren’t to be dropped from any height. Otterbox can’t make a case tough enough for a phone with a 9-inch screen. Which I am sure is not available on the market at the moment.

You’ve Been Featured In A List About People Taking Pictures Without Introduction

But you have not! And have been mistaken because your phone is so big.

You Haven’t Picked Up Your Tablet In Months

You could watch Netflix or read ebooks on your tablet. But why would you bother pulling out a separate device? When your phone’s screen is only an inch or two smaller? Realme tablet.

It Fits In Nothing

It looks fantastic to just carry your phone around in your hand. There’s no way this thing fits in your pocket or your purse.

Can’t Use It Surreptitiously

You used to be able to text under the conference table during boring meetings. Even sneakily check your Facebook and see what’s in the movie theaters. But now, everyone within a two-mile radius notices if you even try to look at your lock screen notifications.

Some Mobile Games Are Actually More Difficult

Sure, high-resolution mobile games look way better on a big screen. But speed-based mobile games, like word-swiping games. Are more difficult on a large screen because your finger has that much more space to swipe.

Cases Are More Expensive

You may not think you’re paying a premium for your phone’s screen size, but you are. Don’t believe me? Check out the difference in price between one and six iPhone cases. It might only be a few dollars, but it can still be a significant difference.

Battery Life Sucks

Your phone’s battery life is exemplary when the screen is off. But turn the screen on, and 30 minutes later, you’re at 50 percent. Don’t even think about using it at full brightness.

You’re A Screen Snob

After living with a big screen, even for just a few weeks. You can never return to your old, tiny-screened phone. And you let everyone know about this. Then your friend whips out the Samsung Galaxy S22; you laugh and compare it to your Note 20 Ultra. Seriously, how can you even see what you’re doing while on the thing?