Sheets gets new commenting feature, ay Music app pick up other key updates

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 Nov 2015

pushed out a batch of improvements new features to several of its Android apps this week. Sheets, ay Music, ay Books, the beta version of the app are ready with a new commenting feature, bug fixes, a Now card for Android ar.

y this matters: typically updates many of its core apps weekly to give you new features fix bugs. Sometimes they come in waves, as they did this week with a long list of items to unpack.


The new key feature here is the ability to add or respond to comments from the Android app. You won’t need to jump over to your desktop next time you need to voice your opinion or answer a question inside of a shared sheet. 

google sheets update +

You’re able to add in comments directly to a Sheet on Android.

so, Sheets is now a bit smarter with charts. You’ll be prompted with recommended chart types to help speed the creation process along. Additionally, the update includes 400 new fonts that recently added to the desktop version. ok for the update to roll out through the ay Store.

ay Music

th version 6.1 of ay Music, you’ll find a new “Auto-offline” button in the app’s Settings. This likely gives the app permission to cache music for certain playlists or albums depending on your listening habits. It’s worth checking out next time you want to stream music in the car would like to avoid a pause in your listening should you go through a region with a bad cell signal. us, it’s a huge data-saver.

play music auto offline

ay Music will now automate the tasks of saving music offline.

deeper look at the A indicates that more is in the works, however. There are code strings that refer to the forthcoming family plan, which will give you access for up to six accounts for $14.99 per month. so, there’s a hint of speaker support for Android ar, which could enable you to listen to music from a watch’s speakers or through a paired set of Bluetooth headphones. This update is coming in ay is on A Mirror.

app beta

If you’re using the beta version of the stard app, a few more goodies might show up for you with update 5.6.

You should start seeing a Now card on your Android ar watch, which offers some of the same contextual information that already appears on your phone.

google now beta Android lice

Now may play a bigger role on Android ar.

The upshot is that you won’t have to deal with separate cards for weather, sports, other items as they’ll be grouped together. Since it’s a beta, however, this could change at any time as continues to tinker with it.

To try this out, head to A Mirror; but you should see this update automatically if you’ve enrolled in the app beta program.

ay Books

The latest ay Books update makes it easier to read comics on your phone or tablet. There’s a new vertical scrolling feature in lscape mode that enables you to swipe through the story.

play books comics Official Android Blog

It’s easier to swipe your way through comics with the new ay Books app.

There’s also a new comics destination inside the ay Store that makes it easier to find content based on the main publishers or popular series.

ok for this update in ay or grab it from A Mirror.