ay Services 8.3 brings streamlined account sign-in, quicker app sharing tools

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 6 Nov 2015

ay Services 8.3 is out of the barn, bringing with it a number of new tools to more quickly connect your account to third-party apps perform several other helpful functions.

The most noticeable change is sign-in: the process is much faster now reflects ’s new logo bring. Developers can also pull in a suggested name, email address, profile photo for you to speed up the process of signing up for a new app.

If you don’t mind some wonky developer humor, you can catch ’s Magnus Hyttsten deliver all the news with his latest video.

so, has improved the Fused cation ovider to get better data when compiling it from a batch of sources: G, Fi, the cell radio signal. Additionally, developers can now slap an “urgent” label on data that flows to Android ar, cutting in front of other information that may not be as relevant to keeping the app updated.

If you’re a developer, or occasionally dabble with the innards of Android, you can check out the full announcement on the Android Developers Blog.

y this matters: The Android OS may be fragmented, but ay Services is tightly controlled is the home for many new developer As. This way developers can implement features right away instead of waiting for carriers manufacturers to get around to pushing out updates. So expect the new features that just became available to start showing up in apps rather soon.