Fossil unveils its first Android ar watch ‘Q’ line of wearables

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 21 Oct 2015

It really is Back to the Future Day for Fossil.

The company known for its vintage line of watches accessories is leaping into the 21st century with its first Android ar smartwatch  Q line of wearables.

The flagship is the Q Founder, a $275 Android ar watch with a circular touchscreen. The cost is a tad less than some of the other flagships out there, which could appeal to those who are tempted to dress up their wrist with a smartwatch for the first time. 

Fossil didn’t give a firm release date, but did promise it’d be here in time to purchase for tmas. Expect to hear a lot about customization, as Fossil watches are known for working with a gaggle of the company’s custom bs.

y this matters: Fossil is the latest watchmaker to declare itself a cidate for the prized real estate on your arm. Tag Heuer, for example, has a luxury Android ar smartwatch coming in November. These must jockey for position with watches from Motorola, Huawei, , Sony, Samsung. 

A new line of wearables

Fossil isn’t just cranking out a watch. Instead, it has an entire line of connected accessories that it hopes will resonate with those who want something that doesn’t look like a rubbery space-age accessory.

The Q is the other watch in the group, though it’s not of the Android ar variety. Instead it’s an analog watch that has D indicator lights connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The price range is $179 to $195. 

The Q Reveler Q Dreamer are fitness bs, with D notifications subtle vibration alerts. Both cost $125 can share data with Fit, wbone, or Under Armour’s health platforms.

Fossil will also produce its own app to talk to these devices. It will keep the Q theme going, with three main functions dubbed Q Activity, Q Notifications, Q Curiosity. 

The first two are pretty self-explanatory, designed to serve up activity notices other notifications. The Q Curiosity sounds like Fossil will be tucking a motivational speaker inside your wearable, as the company says it will “ignite a new perspective, open up your creativity, leave your brain feeling refreshed.”

In practice, it could ping you with activity goals or nudge you to get up move around.