Chrome for Android 46 gets extra zip thanks to optimized image loading

Several under-the-hood tweaks should give you a better browsing experience.

chrome for android
Derek Walter

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Chrome for Android got a major tune-up that should give you a faster trip down the information superhighway.

That’s because Chrome 46 includes new CSS animation features and several API tweaks that should speed up animations and page load times.

The Chromium blog outlines how developers are able to animate any graphical object without as much complex javascript code. The update also includes optimized image loading and other web development capabilities that should enable faster web performance.

And as usual, this update comes with a bunch of unspecified "stability fixes." Chrome for Android 46 should be ready and waiting for you in the Play Store.

The impact on you: There’s been a lot of criticism of the mobile web lately, as oppressive ads and constantly-running scripts can severely diminish browsing speeds. Google has even taken action through its launch of the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project with select partners. Given that the bulk of Google’s revenue comes from Internet ads, the company really needs to get you back on the web. Speeding up Chrome is one way to do that.

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