Motorola to drop Moto Assist, Migrate, Connect in transition to Marshmallow

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 Oct 2015

Motorola is dropping its signature software enhancements as part of the plan to update its phones to Android Marshmallow.

That means no more Motorola Assist, Migrate, Connect add-ons bundled with your device. Motorola says that with all the new features in Marshmallow, they’re no longer necessary.

Assist connects the phone to your car puts the device in a do-not-disturb state during nighttime hours. Migrate transfers in contacts other content from another phone. Connect lets you send SMS messages from a Chrome extension, which sync up with your phone.

On the Motorola Blog the company notes that Marshmallow takes on much of this feature set with its new features. Now already had an “always listening” capability if you enable this through the app it’s supported by your phone’s hardware. so, already had bumped up its own migration tools with llipop, making Migrate feel like a needless duplication.

And Motorola noted that many are switching to “over-the-top” messaging services like Hangouts or Facebook Messenger instead of texting.

The announcement is part of the company’s pledge to update most of its 2014 2015 devices to Marshmallow. This includes the Moto X re ition, 2014 Moto X, Nexus 6. Motorola also offers a dedicated update page to follow progress.

y this matters: This is a rather interesting move by Motorola to nix some of its signature software. However, it’s rather refreshing to see a company go with less custom software instead of trying to put its own stamp on top of Android. In the end it will be a better consumer experience, which should be the final goal in creating any product.