Report: ay Music to launch family plan providing six users for $15 per month

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 28 Sep 2015

ay Music will finally get a family plan. It’s a needed feature that competitors like Spotify Apple Music have offered for a while, should make ay Music more competitive.

According to an Android lice report, you’ll be able to have a total of six different users on one family account for $14.99 per month. This way each person no longer has to get their own $9.99 subscription to ’s streaming service. esumably there will be some type of invite system, the details of which we will hear about at the September 29 press event.

The $14.99 rate for six users is the same offer as Apple Music. Spotify is more expensive, with $14.99 for two members, $19.99 for three, $24.99 for four, $29.99 for a total of five.

The impact on you: If you like ay Music, you can finally share it with a significant other, friends, or family members. Up to this point everyone was forced to get their own subscription, which could add up at nearly $10 a piece. th a scheduled Fall arrival for Apple Music on Android, could use the boost before the competition heats up.