says its voice search is faster, hears you better in noisy environments

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 25 Sep 2015

’s voice search is quicker can hear you better over background noise thanks to recent under-the-hood improvements.

That’s what the company says in a new blog post that details how it has ramped up performance of its search app on Android iOS

is using a technology called a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) to more accurately identify what you’re saying ignore other sounds that aren’t part of the search query. 

The improvements also were designed to find the right balance between more accurate predictions lower latency. needs to listen more closely to hear what you’re saying, but there’s not much benefit if that takes longer to process.

The speedier search performance is already live in ’s search apps, so perhaps it’d be worth trying out more voice queries to see if you notice a difference.

y this matters: ’s voice search capabilities have more competition than ever. Apple keeps improving Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana Soundhound’s Hound are also pushing into this space. th all this competition, search is bound to only get better.