Spotify Running finally sprints over to Android

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 15 Sep 2015

Spotify Running is finally here for Android.

The feature serves up a mix of tunes that sync up with your running pace, with the goal of encouraging you to keep going of course discover new music. As is often the case, the feature launched first on the ione.

Spotify says it should roll out soon to your Android device.

spotify running roid Spotify

Try out various playlists built to motivate you on your daily jog.

ong with trying to guess some tracks you may like, Spotify Running also offers a series of mashups that may be a good fit for pushing you to keep running.

You can try it out by grabbing Spotify from the ay Store. However, the running feature is a server-side update, will magically appear in your app without downloading a new update. So if you don’t see it yet, you’ll just need to be patient.

The story behind the story: Spotify may be the current king of music streaming, but it has more competition than ever before. Apple Music is now here, with a debut coming soon on Android. Since Android users aren’t too keen on having to wait for apps that bring their services first to iOS, it couldn’t hurt to try produce some more parity with both operating systems.