Amazon Music app arrives for Android Auto

It joins Google Play Music, Spotify, and others on your Android-powered dashboard setup.

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Amazon Music is now ready for your listening pleasure with your Android Auto system. You can now listen to your playlists and other content from Amazon’s streaming app, which is available to Prime subscribers.

According to Android Central the app includes much of the content you’d get from Amazon Music on the web, such as the Recently Played, Prime Stations, Playlists, Shuffle My Library, and Shuffle My Offline Songs options.

amazon music android auto Android Central

Rock out to your favorite tunes from Amazon Music.

The rest of the interface is pretty consistent with Android Auto design guidelines, which call for a focus on large buttons and plenty of negative space in order to easily spot items to press while in the car. If you have an Android Auto dashboard unit and Prime subscription, you may want to check it out.

Why this matters: Third-party developer support is an important piece to getting people interested in Android Auto. When we reviewed Android Auto your only music choices were Google Play Music, Spotify, and TuneIn Radio. So the more choice the better, especially with Android Auto (along with Apple’s CarPlay) included in many new cars.

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