Report: Camera 3.0 packs in smart bursts, animated GIFs, other tricks

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 14 Sep 2015

may be working up a number of photo tricks for its camera app.

Android lice tore into a pre-release build of Camera, found several new clues about what version 3.0 might include. The first is SmartBurst, which fires off a quick succession of photos with your camera.

There’s a code string that spells out a new animation tool in pretty good detail: “Check out SmartBurst, a feature that intelligently captures interesting moments a GIF a collage. To activate, hold down the capture button in the rear-facing camera for as long as you’d like.”

Additionally, may be rolling all these into a new section called Creations. It’s already referenced in the current edition of otos, as your unused suggestions from the Assistant are sent to the “unsaved creations” section. There are also stringers referencing “oto Booth” “Group Smiles,” so even more could be on the way.

ong with all the new features, other code indicates you’ll be able to turn these new tools off if you want your otos app to perform more like a traditional camera roll.

y this matters: ’s big push into photography isn’t slowing down. These features sound like the type of thing would want to show off when introducing new smartphones, just as Apple demoed ve otos when announcing its new iones. th new Nexus phones rumored for September 29, we may get to see all these new tricks very soon.