Five to Try: Star rs: Uprising is a freebie R, llet gets personal with money

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 11 Sep 2015

lcome to Five to Try, our weekly look at the new updated Android apps games that deserve your attention. Star rs continues its Android assault this week with the release of Star rs: Uprising, a role-playing quest set in the timeframe before this year’s The Force Awakens film. It’s joined on the gaming front this week by Minecraft: cket ition, which gets a shout-out for a huge new update that lets you play alongside iOS ndows users.

If games aren’t your thing, worry not: the top apps this week include the newly rebred llet, which puts its new focus on personal payments. Besides that, MovieDay is a slick app that lets you track upcoming films (like… Star rs?), while Adblock Browser might alleviate your worries about obnoxious or predatory web ads.

Star rs: Uprising

fivetotry sept11 starwarsuprising

The combat in the short missions is pretty simplistic, but there’s lots of loot, gear, abilities to amass over time.

st week saw the Star rs merchizing machine roar back to life, delivering an array of toys other goods—but also the launch of new fiction set between 1983’s Return of the di this fall’s sequel, The Force Awakens. Released this week, Star rs: Uprising is another piece of that puzzle. It’s a free-to-play role-playing game that takes place during that timeframe, it lets you create your own sci-fi adventurer.

ed, you’re not going to rub elbows with ke Skywalker or Han Solo in this one; it’s a less-central side story. But the dialogue is engaging, there’s an overarching narrative to unwind, it takes place in familiar series locales like Hoth Cloud City. The tap–shoot gunplay seems drab early on, but there’s plenty of gear abilities to unlock, plus it has live online cooperative play. At the very least, Uprising seems like a solid-enough freebie diversion for die-hard fans.


fivetotry sept11 googlewallet

Need to settle a debt? p in the amount an email address you can get it done with llet.

Android y’s NFC payment system has started rolling out in the United States, replacing the previous llet app—although as of this writing, it’s not showing up in the ay Store quite yet. But llet isn’t dead: it’s just charting a new course, moving away from tap–pay into the world of personal payments (like Square Cash or Venmo).

The new llet app dropped this week, it’s all about sending—or requesting—money via an email address. You can link up a debit card or bank account to add funds or cash out anything received, even request a physical card to use at ATMs, or anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted. llet might not have been a contactless payment sensation, but it has new life for other money matters. 

Minecraft: cket ition

fivetotry sept11 minecraft

ok, it’s Steve! And pigs. This is co-op with an ione player, but ndows 10 users can get in on the fun too.

th tens of millions of paid downloads, Minecraft: cket ition should be a known quantity by now— it is, mostly. But Mojang has shown an admirable dedication to continue improving the game with major updates, this week’s 0.12.1 release is a huge one. 

Now, the block-based building sensation supports cross-platform multiplayer between Android, iOS, the new ndows 10 ition, letting up to five local players collaborate in the same game. I tried it out on a Galaxy Note 5 an ione 6 the feature worked flawlessly, making it easier than ever to link up with pals. And that’s not all: the update also brings physical gamepad support (finally!) access to The Nether area in the game. If you haven’t played in a while, now’s the time to check back in.


fivetotry sept11 movieday

ve movies? Need to plan your social calendar around them? Start tracking upcoming releases with MovieDay.

’re past the summer blockbuster season, but soon it’ll be time for studios to trickle out all the award-chasing flicks. And then there’s Star rs: The Force Awakens. And the last Hunger Games film. And The Hateful Eight. Really, if you’re a film buff, the stream of must-see movies never ends, it can be easy to lose track of what’s coming when. That’s where MovieDay comes in.

MovieDay is simply an attractive, hy way to keep tabs on the films you’re excited to see—or browse for more potential cidates. You can scroll through the listings or search for something in particular, once added to your list, the movie info will appear with a banner image countdown clock. The app also tracks which movies you’ve seen, plus it allows easy access to trailers production details. 

Adblock Browser

fivetotry sept11 adblockbrowser

Adblock seems pretty capable as a mobile browser, plus it has all the titular blocking abilities available.

Ad blocking punishes the web publishing industry, so excuse me if I’m not terribly enthused about this week’s release of the Adblock Browser for Android. But while blanket blocking of ads fails to consider their purpose (paying for the content), Adblock Browser does also allow you to disable specific types of obnoxious or data-tracking ads, allow less-obtrusive ads to still shine through.

And you can whitelist sites, so the ones you like trust (Hi!) still get ad revenue from the content you consume. Beyond those headline features, Adblock otherwise seems pretty capable as a mobile browser: pages load pretty quickly, getting around is straightforward enough, it has options like private browsing requesting a site’s desktop version. I’ll stick with Chrome ( supporting creators), but if you want it, Adblock is now on the ay Store.