Report: oject Fi works with Moto X re ition (sort of)

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 11 Sep 2015

The Moto X re ition has a hidden trick: it works with ’s oject Fi.

ZDNet’s C. Tofel discovered this when he popped his oject Fi SIM card into his new Moto X re ition. It worked, although with a few limitations. ile he was able to get 16Mbps over HS+, there didn’t appear to be a full E connection. It’s also impossible to force a connection to Sprint, so he was only able to test it with T-Mobile -Fi.

However, staying on a phone call worked while hopping between -Fi a cellular signal. 

Given that the Moto X re ition is sold unlocked for use on any carrier, it’s not a terrible surprise to see it work. Given that Motorola partnered to build the Nexus 6 (the only phone officially supported by oject Fi), perhaps the Moto X will be the next phone to join the MVNO.

y this matters: oject Fi is a rather compelling concept, as you only pay for the data you use get to subscribe to a reasonably-priced plan. also engineered the Nexus 6 to automatically hop between Sprint, T-Mobile, open -Fi networks. However, the appeal is going to be limited as the Nexus 6 is too big for most. th a slightly smaller 5.7-inch screen, the Moto X may be a better fit.