launches new llet app, preps current version for Android y

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 10 Sep 2015

Old llet, meet new llet. 

As part of the transition from llet to Android y, you might end up with a confusing juxtaposition of apps on your home screen for a few days. That’s because launched a new llet app, which is focused on sending receiving money, while the current version will be the one that becomes Android y. Incidentally, rumor has it that will go live later today.

google wallet revamps

The old llet (left) will soon become Android y. The new llet (center, right) is now focused on sending receiving money to from others.

If you fire up the current llet app, you’ll see a notice that it will soon become Android y. probably opted to go this route to more easily transfer over your payment information stored in llet to its Android y service.

The story behind the story: llet beat Apple to the payment game by a couple of years. But as often happens, Apple put out a more polished accessible option baked into all its iones with Apple y. In response, announced Android y at its I/O conference, pledging a smoother more secure mobile payment option.