The best interactive watch faces for Android Wear

Make your smartwatch truly smart with these watch faces that lead the pack when it comes to their tricks and features.

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Get interactive with your watch face

The beauty of a smartwatch is that the face can be anything you choose. And with Android Wear 1.3 it’s even better, as developers can now make interactive watch faces that respond to your touch.

That leaves a lot of possibility for watch faces that dial up the weather, calendar entries, or are just plain fun. We’ve packaged a collection of ten of our favorites, though there are bound to be more as developers get their hands on them.

Check out our list, and give us a heads-up in the comments if there’s a favorite watch face of yours that’s worth checking out.

weather timeline

Weather Timeline

Weather Timeline is one of our favorite weather apps. It’s made a great transition to Android Wear, bringing its slick design and penchant for details to your wrist.

You can touch the watch face to get a prediction of the next hour’s potential for precipitation (could come in handy with the upcoming El Nino year) and an overview for the next 24 hours. The colorful chart for the forecast also makes it easy to spot how the day is going to turn out.

Weather Timeline ($0.99)

pujie black

Pujie Black

Pujie Black was one of the best watch faces on Android Wear shortly after its launch. It's since gone on to add more interactive features and plenty of customization to make it a true favorite. 

The new interactive features allow you to choose three different complications, such as the weather, your steps, upcoming calendar events, and others. There's also still the high number of customization choices, so you can truly craft a watch face that you want.

Pujie Black ($1.49) 


InstaWeather for Android Wear

If you want ten different watch face choices in one app, then check out InstaWeather. It's a rather versatile set of watch faces with many different interactive options pertaining to weather reports and how the watch looks.

With most faces in the group you can touch your watch screen and get more details about the forecast, along with a readout of data about upcoming weather. If you don't mind sorting through a lot of options, you may land on a watch face you like that will give you constant access to the latest weather data.

InstaWeather for Android Wear (free)



Facer is a great combination of a watch face that offers a ton of customization along with interactive capabilities. You can customize the watch to look as traditional or modern as you'd like.

When you touch the face, it will provide the battery life, weather, and other bits of information that you can customize. With all the color choices you can also mix it up to fit in with your outfit.

Facer ($1.00)


Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei's main claim to fame is the way it syncs up the background of the watch face with your phone. But you also can change up the look, albeit ever so slightly, by touching the face to blur or sharpen the background. 

It's a simple move, but it's also helpful as various art pieces look better behind the digital watch than others. From the watch face you can also set up the watch wallpaper to sync with your phone, so your device and smartwatch can match up nicely.

Muzei Live Wallpaper (free)



Sometimes you just need a cute, frisky kitten on your watch. If so, then grab HeyKittyKitty! When you touch the watch face the cat will hop around with its ball of yarn. It's adorable.

The movement is quick - hence the disparate times in the screenshots, as it wasn't easy to capture this. But if you want even more fun, turn on persistent animation and you'll always have a wiggling kitty on your screen.

Developer WatchMaster has a ton of other faces in the Play Store, so check out their page if you want some other animation or other interactive options. 

HeyKittyKitty (free)


ustwo Smart Watch Faces

Here's another bundle if you want a batch of different watch faces to play with all from one app.

The interactions are pretty simple, but there's a good variety of different watch types to try out. One taps into your Google Fit data and serves up your real-time steps.

Or you can tap on the screen and change the color scheme, which is a nice way to quickly add some customization without pulling out your phone or trying to change up settings on the tiny, watch screen. 

usTwo Smart Watch Faces (free)

watchmaker premium

WatchMaker Premium

If you want complete control over practically every pixel of your watch face, then WatchMaker Premium is the one to get.

As you can see from the screenshots of the Android app, you can control every minute detail. This includes what information pops up when you touch the watch face.

WatchMaker has a pretty active Google+ community that shares the latest creations. So check it out if you want more than just another pre-built watch face to download.

WatchMaker Premium ($2.99)


Skymaster Pilot

This watch would pair up nicely with some aviator glasses and a day at the airport. It puts a classic look on your watch, though the developers have added in some interactivity to go with the new capabilities in Android Wear 1.3. 

You can touch the smaller dials to get a different readout, like for the battery life or weather. This lets you get quick information and customize where these features are placed without the need to jump into the settings.

Skymaster Pilot ($0.99)

under armour

Under Armour Record

So if you feel the need to "protect this house," you can now do it with Under Armour tracking your health stats. You need to create an account and then link the app to Google Fit or another platform that will pull in fitness data from your Android Wear watch.

Once that's going, you can tap on the watch face to get your steps, calories burned, and distance for the day. It's a good watch face to have if your primary motivator for an Android Wear watch is to help you stay healthy.

Under Armour Record (free)

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