11 signs that your cellular data limit is too low

If you find yourself obsessively checking your data usage after every action on your phone, it might be time to spring for a bigger data plan.

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Figuring out exactly how much data you need isn’t an exact science. Some months you need more (like when you’re road-tripping across the western United States), and other months you need none (like when you work from home for two weeks straight, and by “work from home” I mean “never leave your home except to walk the dog”).

But if you frequently find yourself refusing to turn on your phone’s cellular data for fear of overage charges, you may want to consider upping your data limit. After all, man cannot live on 1GB of data alone.

You know every free Wi-Fi hotspot within a 10 mile radius of your office

“Sure, I’ll go to lunch with you. But only if we go to Denny’s, because FREE WI-FI!!”

Your default mode is Airplane Mode

If everything is turned off, there’s no way your phone will accidentally use background data.

You refuse to download Line or WhatsApp because they use data

Who needs stickers and GIFs when we have unlimited texting!

Streaming music or videos? Hah!

Streaming media is for rich people and those with unlimited data. You don’t have 4GB a month to waste on watching Netflix while you’re in the bathroom.

When you do stream…it’s bad

Really bad. Like, sounds like a Skype call—nay, HAM radio.

You obsessively check your data usage

Check your email? Check your data usage. Get a notification? Check your data usage. Open a webpage? CHECK YOUR DATA USAGE. EVERY BYTE COUNTS.

You don’t trust free games

On Android, ‘free’ games usually means ad-supported. And ads use data—too much data. No mobile game maker is going to make money off your limited data plan!

It takes you 30 minutes to leave your house/Wi-Fi hotspot

“Hold on, let me just download these Spotify playlists! I have to pre-load that Google Maps area! Wait a sec, just loading up these YouTube videos! I’ll be right there, I swear!”

You’re the only person who still downloads MP3s

We don’t all have the luxury of streaming. Do you people with unlimited data even know how to put music on your phone anymore?

You don’t mind calling people

Video chat, on the other hand, is a laughable notion.

At the end of the month, you’re completely unreachable

Four days left and 0.005GB left. Hope nobody needs to contact you, because this phone is going in a drawer until your next billing cycle.

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