10 ways your phone has embarrassed you in public

Your smartphone is even better than your mother at humiliating you in public.

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Sometimes your smartphone is a life-saver – like when it helps you avoid super awkward situations. But other times it’s not so awesome—like when it rings in the middle of your grandfather’s funeral service, or when your obsession with it causes you to fall into a fountain while texting:

Here are 10 times your phone is not on your side. And in public, no less!

When you forget to turn it off at the movies

You can turn off your alarm in the morning without ever waking up, but when your phone goes off in a darkened theater you suddenly forget how to operate it.

…and your ringtone is the My Little Pony theme song

Because your little cousin changed it when you went over to your aunt’s house. Thanks a lot, Susie.

When you forget to turn it off at a live show

And the people on stage call you out. This is so much worse than being in a movie theater, where it’s just other audience members calling you out.

When you forget how to switch back to a call you’re holding

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The one time you actually use your phone as a phone, two people call you at once. How do touch screes work again?!

When you’re showing your boss your vacation photos and she SWIPES LEFT

…And sees 28 half-naked mirror selfies you took when you were feeling particularly sexy drunk.

When you give out the wrong number on purpose…

And the person you give it to tries to call you to confirm. You…must have heard me wrong?

When you get an important call and you’re on the toilet

This could be your big break! You can’t not pick this up! Let’s hope that mute button really does something…

When you accidentally send a sexy Snapchat to your grandma

Seriously, why do you even have your grandma on Snapchat in the first place? Snapchat is not for family members!

When your phone rings while you’re pretending to talk on it

“Oh, you must be mistaken. I wasn’t pretending to talk on my phone, I was picking it up in anticipation of this call…”

When you see someone you know on Tinder

…And in your state of shock, you accidentally swipe right. (Bonus embarrassment points if it’s a family member!)

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