Now voice comms now work for some over-the-top messaging services

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 28 Jul 2015

The app now empowers you to dictate to an over-the-top messaging service like atsApp.

announced the new additions Tuesday, which includes Viber, Chat, Telegram, Nextus, of course atsApp.

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You’re no longer restricted to SMS messages for dictation.

You’ll need the latest version of the app an update to the specific messaging app you plan to use. As the animation above indicates, you’ll need to specify which service you want when speaking the comm. Otherwise Now will offer up your default text messaging app.

y this matters: Now continues its march to become the hub of your Android device. The voice capabilities allow you to do a number of tasks without the need to touch the keyboard. And ’s integration with third-party apps already puts a number of different cards in your stream. The biggest change is yet to come, as Now On Tap will come with Android M give machine learning a central role in how your device performs.