How to share photos, videos, more with Android Beam

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 Jul 2015

Android Beam is a quick easy way to share content with another Android device. Unlike Apple’s AirDrop you do need to bump phones, but you get a wider compatibility of devices since the feature is built into nearly all Android phones.

The exact location in the settings used to enable this feature may vary from one Android device to another. But generally you’ll find it in the Settings > reless or Networks or Settings > NFC. 

roid beam

Android Beam is a quick, easy way to share content across Android devices. 

If you have a Samsung device the fastest way to find this setting is searching. st find the search bar at the top of the settings menu type “Android Beam.” Then you’re in business.

You first need to make sure your device’s NFC capability is flipped on. Then, make sure to turn on the Android Beam switch. Now when you want to send an item to another Android user, just select the the Android beam icon from the sharing menu.

Be sure you then touch both devices so the NFC chips register the contact. On some phones tablets, it may be a good idea to restart in order for the new setting to take. Nexus users can access a specific support page from with other suggestions.