Spotify launches beta testing program for Android

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 9 Jun 2015

Spotify is joining the Android beta app club, giving a lucky few a chance to test out new versions of the app new before everyone else.

You’ll have to register for the beta program if you want in. First, head to Spotify’s Android beta application fill out the required online form. Among the requirements is joining the official Spotify Community.

spotify beta roid Spotify

Grab a place in line if you want to find out what Spotify’s working on.

Creating a beta app is a wise move, as Spotify will soon be battling Apple Music on Android. A bunch of new features like a new running aide recently went live on the iOS version, so hopefully they’ll be making their way over to Android soon.

y this matters: blic beta testing has become popular with both large small Android developers. Microsoft went this route with Office for Android tablets is doing the same for phones. Beta testing allows companies to get feedback from enthusiasts who want to check out the latest features are willing to put up with the inevitable bugs.