fixes ‘OK ‘ detection on Galaxy S6, ge

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 1 Jun 2015

fixed a bug that accidentally shut down the ability to use the “OK ” hotword from any screen on the Galaxy S6 S6 ge

A lengthy help forum filled up with complaints from owners, who said they could no longer say, “OK ” speak a search item or voice comm from any screen. Instead, they were forced to launch voice search through the app or search bar.

A community manager says some “compatability work” by ’s engineers accidently broke the feature, but it’s now restored. She indicated you should be running the latest version of the search app to get the feature up running again.

The impact on you: If you have a Galaxy S6 or S6 ge the hotword detection should start working again soon. If you want it faster, or if it doesn’t come back at all, Android lice suggests disabling ay Services, which reverts it to the app’s factory version. Then re-enable update ay Services. Next, go into the app’s settings for Voice > OK detection. The “from any screen” option should return.