Qualcomm to partner with for oject Tango smartphones

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 1 Jun 2015

The red-hot Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 will power ’s oject Tango smartphones. 

Qualcomm says its oject Tango smartphone development program will arrive this summer, which moves ’s latest experiment beyond tablets. esumably, is not concerned about the chip’s aggressive thermal throttling, or any such issues have been mitigated to ’s satisfaction. 

recently dropped the price of its oject Tango development tablet from $1,024 to $512 added it to the Store for anyone to buy. This gives the chance to gain more exposure potentially generate more feedback about its ability to capture the world around it.

The story behind the story: oject Tango devices are designed to grab 3-D visual data of their surroundings underst their precise location orientation in it. st like ’s oject ARA, this is one of those experimental projects that could bring innovation to the mobile hardware space, or possibly get scrapped if it doesn’t take off.