Google trying out new Material Design search layout on mobile devices

Google is again tweaking the look of its mobile search results, now making it easier for fingers of all sizes to manage the interface.

The latest retooling, spotted by 9to5Google, show Material Design-style tabs that push some information off the page in order to increase white space, make tabs easier to touch, and bring the interface into line with Google’s new look.

The results, which is only making sporadic appearances for now, follow Google’s new guidelines for spacing out tabs. It’s part of Google’s effort to make all its own products and third-party apps on Android follow the new Material Design aesthetic. 

9to5 google search results 9to5Google

Google’s mobile search results page gets several drops of Material Design (right) in comparison to the old interface (left).

The revamp also pushes the search query off to the left, and means one less visible tab and less results. However, the goal of Material Design is responsiveness, clarity, and using enough space so you’re less likely to touch the wrong word or image on a mobile screen.

The story behind the story: Google search is still the company’s main cash cow, so Google is never quite satisfied to leave it alone. Recently we learned Google is going to add a “buy” button, so you’ll be able to part with your money right from the search results page. Other recent adjustments include highlighting site names and bread crumbs over URLs.

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