Five to Try: Mortal Kombat X assaults Android, AppChat lets you chat about apps

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 8 May 2015

Another week, another smattering of new apps games on the ay Store— this time around, it’s the eagerly anticipated debut of Mortal Kombat X that sts out atop the pack. It’s joined this week by Grim Fango Remastered, an updated version of a true point–click adventure game classic.

If games don’t grab you, how about some new updated apps? AppChat is an early, but intriguing service that creates chat rooms around the apps you already use, VoxelMaker lets you craft block-based artwork with minimal effort. Meanwhile, photo service Flickr has a big update to its Android app, with a refreshed look useful new features.

Mortal Kombat X

fivetotry may8 mortalkombatx

It looks like the console versions, but now you’ve got a team— much less combat strategy.

It’s a few weeks late to the party, but the Android version of Mortal Kombat X looks a fair bit like the recent $60 console versions, with new old fighters alike impressively rendered on the screen— plenty of gory action, of course. But that’s just about where the similarities end.

Mortal Kombat X is so streamlined for touch that you’ll spend the majority of every fight simply tapping repeatedly on the screen as the same couple moves are automatically executed. It’s a shame, because the card-based team-building aspect has appeal, the free-to-play model isn’t a huge impediment, although optional in-app purchases can be very expensive. Still, if you really love Mortal Kombat, the ability to have it on the go might make up for some of the heavy repetition.

AppChat (pha)

fivetotry may8 appchat

AppChat doesn’t look like much, but the easy ability to find other users of the same apps could be helpful.

Got a question about an Android app—or want to find a community—but don’t want to aimlessly poke around message boards or social media? AppChat is a hy new app that automatically creates a persistent message board around the apps games you already have installed.

For example, if you have Mortal Kombat X on your phone, you’ll have a Mortal Kombat X room listed, where other users are swapping strategies (sadly) bragging about hacks. AppChat can also auto-detect which app a screenshot is from for easy uploading, if you want to share a feat or a weird bug. It’s very early therefore pretty basic-looking, but this could be an extremely useful app as the user base grows. 


fivetotry may8 flickr

Flickr gets a nice makeover this week— it also brings non-destructive edits automatic video uploads.

Flickr got a big upgrade this week, bringing notable tweaks to both form function on Android. On the former end, the 4.0 version now has a very clean minimal aesthetic that makes it easy to flip through organize your photos on the web service.

Functionality boosts are the biggest upgrade this week, however. Flickr will now auto-upload your videos in addition to photos, helping you take advantage of that free 1TB of storage. You can also apply non-destructive edits to photos straight from the app, plus the Magic View feature can auto-sort photos by what they show. If Flickr’s mobile offering didn’t suit your needs before, it may well do so now. 

Grim Fango Remastered

fivetotry may8 grimfango

Grim Fango is a point–click classic, it’s well worth revisiting on Android—if it works on your device.

st a week after Broken Age hit Android, Double Fine is back with an updated port of one of the most beloved adventure games of all time: Grim Fango Remastered ($10). As Manny Calavera, skeletal travel agent to the newly deceased, you’ll attempt to uncover a conspiracy in the l of the dead. The 1998 classic is amusing thematically one-of-a-kind, even if the gameplay is pretty stard point–click (or tap to move/interact) fare. 

The Android version features remade, higher-resolution textures, a re-recorded score, developer commentary, but be warned: reviews suggest some early device incompatibilities. For me, it worked on a Nexus 5 G3, but not a Galaxy S6 ge. If you buy the app, try it immediately in case you need to grab a refund while the issues are being worked out.


fivetotry may8 voxelmaker

ve cute little cube characters? You can create your own with VoxelMaker.

Inspired by the simplistic worlds of games like Minecraft Roblox want to concoct your own voxel-based scenes? VoxelMaker can suit that need. It’s not a game or a game-making tool, but rather an app that lets you create voxel artwork with relative ease, as well as import models or export share your creations.

By placing a finger on the screen dragging in any direction, you can start shaping block-based terrain, then populate it with your own little characters items as you see fit. You can paint the items shift the lighting source to drop realistic shadows, while probably best suited for personal amusement rather than serious creative needs, it’s surprisingly intuitive.