atsApp for Android gets Material Design overhaul in newest update

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 14 Apr 2015

atsApp is fresh out with a new overhaul that makes it another showcase of ’s Material Design guidelines for Android.

The new interface brings in the floating action button, generously spread out content, water-drop animations that are a hallmark of the new aesthetic.

Most of the menus other functions are similarly overhauled, making the app look like it belongs with Android’s native design.

whatsapp material design

The entire atsApp interace gets a fresh coat of Material Design-inspired paint.

It’s a solid look, worth grabbing if you’re a atsApp user or you want to try out another messaging platform. The update isn’t yet in the ay Store, so grab it from A Mirror or directly from atsApp.

y this matters: atsApp is one of the most dominant messaging platforms out there, with over 700 million active monthly users. It’s no wonder Facebook thought it was worth a $22 billion acquisition in 2014. Facebook has pledged to keep the service independent, which has done so while bulking up its own Messenger platform.