teases its newest interface tweaks ahead of G4 launch

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 6 Apr 2015

keeps dropping hints about the look of its forthcoming G4 smartphone, this time showing off the revamp to its custom UX interface.

The company’s UX 4.0 teaser video walks you through it, with screenshots of its icons, home screen, various settings interspersed amongst images of happy people baby feet.

It’s not a radical overhaul in comparison to its current look, though it does seem to be more consistent in its approach to the interface of its various custom apps settings. It also sticks a tad closer to Material Design.

Companies are typically trying to distinguish themselves from other Android device makers, throwing in their own features interface elements.

already bragged about its new screen sent out a leather-themed invite to its April 24 unveiling. l we need now is to see the actual phone.

The story behind the story: For to get more attention it’ll need to really impress with its new flagship phone. generally liked G3, but this time it’s competing against a Galaxy S6 that is already a great cidate for phone of the year.