11 Really Stupid Things You Do with Your Smartphone

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 20 Mar 2015

We all do stupid things once in a while. Maybe we Snapchat a suggestive photo to our significant other or use our phone in the bathroom without cleaning it. I’m not here to hate on stupid. Everybody deserves to make a few mistakes. But there are some idiotic things that people do with their smartphones that I have a hard time justifying. Like waving your phone around at a concert to get that lighter effect? No. Or talking on speakerphone in public while insisting to everyone around you that they shouldn’t be listening because your conversation is private? Nope! Or take incredibly dangerous selfies with it, just so you can brag to your Facebook friends about how you idiotically climbed to the top of a bridge without any safety net? Uh-uh. Here are 11 stupid things you must stop doing with your smartphone now.

Pretending It’s a Lighter at Concerts

Bonus stupid points if you also try to light a cigarette with your phone.

Instagramming Pictures of Every Meal

Food is for eating, guys. Thus, if this is what Martha Stewart’s food pics look like:

Just how bad do you think yours look?

Using Speakerphone in Public

It’s bad enough, when we have to listen to just one side of your loud, annoying conversation.

Taking a Million Selfies Every Time You Go to the Bathroom

I’m definitely not hating on selfies, but have you no shame?!

Taking Dangerous Selfies

This guy, Kingston, is a free runner. As in, a dangerous professional thing-doer. You are not a problematic professional thing-doer unless you are, in which case, carrying on. So please stop taking selfies that jeopardize your life unless you end up like this woman who died while trying to take a selfie on a ledge.

Downloading Every App

Yeah, oops is right. Welcome to malware city!

Giving It to Your Kid

Is it wise to trust a $600+ piece of technology to a child with this level of coordination?

Using It As A Lens to View the World Around You

I’m glad you got that awesome shot, but maybe next time you should try looking at the concert with your eyes, though, I don’t know, your eyes.

Overusing Emoticons

If you’re not a 13-year-old girl, you should probably not be using a ton of emoticons. Words. Words are your friend.

Dropping It

Or worse, throwing it. Just because you only had to pay a Verizon-subsidized $200 for that phone doesn’t mean it’s disposable!

Relying On It For Everything

Yeah, it’s pretty stupid to rely on your smartphone for all communication, directions, information, work and your relationship with your significant other. What will happen when you run out of batteries?