Six Android Wear apps and watch faces that put the weather forecast on your wrist

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The promise of Android Wear is that you can steal away a quick glance at your watch instead of rudely taking out your phone in the middle of a date or business meeting.

It’s perfect for actions like checking the weather. That's the sort of daily info we all need, easily represented by glanceable information on a small screen.

While Google Now puts a weather card on your watch, there are better alternatives that can give you more details, customization choices, and even turn the watch face into a mini weather app. Grab these Android Wear-friendly apps to make checking the weather as simple as raising your wrist.

Weather Timeline

weather timeline

Weather Timeline sports Material Design in its attractive smartwatch cards.

Weather Timeline ($0.99) is one of the best weather apps for Wear users. It features excellent use of Google’s Material Design and throws in a ton of customization choices.

The Android Wear weather card features the day’s temperature, hourly forecasts, and a look ahead at the next day. It delivers this across two cards; just swipe to the right for a look ahead at the rest of the week. You can add additional cities to the list and specify how frequently the app should update (the maximum frequency is every 30 minutes).  

It also has a weather notification tool called Umbrella Warning that tips you off if there’s an impending rainstorm. Weather Timeline is the perfect app to show your iPhone-using friends, because you can reply with a firm “No!” when they ask if it’s available for iOS.



The 1Weather cards are very minimalist and give you the current temperature and future forecast.

Another well-designed choice with a good amount of detail is 1Weather. Its Android Wear cards showcase minimalist design, with plenty of white space to go along with the forecast and temperature of your current location.

The weather card also smartly changes the color for the precipitation indicator, which makes it easy to just skim for the blue if you want to know the chance of getting any rain. While the app is free, a $1.99 upgrade will kill the ads. The phone app features weather radar, maps, and other details for your location or anywhere else you want to know the weather.

Aeris Wear

aeris wear

The Aeris Wear app puts a weather radar and temperature information on your wrist.

No matter the size of your watch screen, it’s still pretty small when compared to your smartphone. However, Aeris Wear finds a way to fit a weather map and a bunch of other data onto it. 

This app’s list of cards include a satellite map so you can see if that cloud burst is headed your way. You get a total of nine different choices when you upgrade to the Pro version for $0.99. It also spits out weather advisories that you’ll get right on the watch, handy if you’re in line for another of those massive east coast storms.

Weather Delta

weather delta

Get a custom watch face and lots of cards with details about the forecast.

If you’re worried about seeing through the fog, then Weather Delta can come in pretty handy. One of its many cards is visibility, which joins the barometer, precipitation, and a “feels like” temperature to give you one of the most complete pictures of the weather from an Android Wear watch.

When installing you also get a rather neat watch face, which describes the weather conditions and gives you the current and projected temperature on top of a nature-themed background. It even works with Android TV, putting a weather notification on your big screen.



InstaWeather offers many different watch faces that are filled with weather charts, maps, and data.

Maybe you don’t want to have to swipe down to a weather card; you want weather information available all the time. If so, then maybe a weather-centric watch face is for you. InstaWeather is a good choice, as it gives you various options for turning your watch face into a weather forecast.

The time sits interspersed with a radar screen, line graph, or bar chart that depicts the current weather and  the day’s forecast. Another alternative puts the sunrise and sunset times along the side while also listing temperature highs, lows, and precipitation details.

Weather Time for Wear


WeatherTime puts an attractive background and the current temperature on your watch face.

Weather Time for Wear is another great-looking watch face, putting the temperature prominently on your wrist. While an initial download is free, plan on springing the $1.99 for the full version, which unlocks multiple background image options and lets you tweak the color components. 

You can also opt to display your phone and battery watch level, on the face, which is rather useful for knowing how long you’ve got left before the next recharge. 

With so many good weather apps and custom watch faces available, you can make your watch look and work the way you want. We’re also pretty certain we’ll hear more about new Android Wear capabilities at Google I/O this summer, which could further extend the non-timekeeping capabilities of your handy wearable.

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