Cyanogen OS version 12 coming soon, adds Boxer as default email app

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 12 Mar 2015

Cyanogen isn’t wasting any time in severing Android’s ties to

The company announced email app Boxer will come preinstalled ( selected as the default mail application) when Cyanogen 12 ls in the next few weeks. You can still use ’s email service, however, along with Exchange other major platforms. Boxer also connects to Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Drive, other cloud services for file management.

That update will come to the Oneus One,  is coming for future devices, which Cyanogen is working furiously on bringing to other phones.

boxer cyanogen

The Boxer app uses Material Design lets you swipe away emails.

This comes right after a major rebr partnership with Qualcomm, whereby the two will collaborate on future phones. It’s part of Cyanogen’s effort to use the Android Open Source oject to build a more “open” operating system free of the ties to . 

But going alone would means replacing many key services. th Boxer on board the addition of SwiftKey as the default keyboard option on the Oneus One, the trek is slowly under way.

Cyanogen CTO Steve Kondik recently sat down with us for a video interview, outlining a strategy of hardware software partners to position itself as an appealing competitor to stock Android.

The story behind the story: Cyanogen isn’t just another Android fork for tinkerers anymore. The company wants to put its OS on phones, appealing to those who want more perceived freedom with their device. CEO Kirt McMaster recently told a conference audience he wants to “take Android away from .” 

It’s a tall order, as the tight integration of ‘s services with Android is part of the appeal for many. Yet Cyanogen has pulled off an impressive series of partnerships, so it’s worth watching whether its effort continues to gain traction.